Two axes will organize our thinking: pairing older thinkers with younger ones, and inviting a number of French practitioners who have recently demonstrated an interest in finding continuities and in undoing the divide. We invite papers that explore all aspects of this continental-analytic divide in generational, national, and/or other relevant contexts. As has become customary in NALS over the years, however, we also welcome papers on any topic in Levinas studies that happens to be of interest to you. The official language of the conference will be English and so while we welcome papers by non-native speakers, we suggest that all papers be translated for delivery. More information on the conference is available at the Purdue website where you will also be able to register:

The new extended deadline for receipt of proposals (of no more than 500 words) is May 31, 2015. Please send all proposals to Monica Osborne:

All submissions will be acknowledged. Notifications of the acceptance of proposals for the first round of submissions to the NALS 2015 conference at Purdue will be sent out as previously indicated by March 1, 2015. Notifications of the acceptance of proposals in the second round will be sent out no later than May 31.

We look forward to greeting you, or to welcoming you back to Purdue.

Sandor Goodhart

NALS 2015 Conference Organizer