Our eight annual conference program will continue to include important Society traditions such as our annual Talmudic Reading from Georges Hansel, a pedagogy session, Society banquet, a film screening, and provocative plenary presentations from James Marsh, Leah Kalmanson, and others.



• Erik Garret, Duquesne University (garrette@duq.edu)

• Rick Sadlier, Duquesne University (sadlierr@duq.edu)

• Sol Neely, University of Alaska Southeast (sjneely@uas.alaska.edu)

General questions regarding the Society should be directed to

• Sol Neely, NALS President (sjneely@uas.alaska.edu)

• Michael Paradiso-Michau, NALS Executive Secretary (secretary@levinas-society.org)

Information on conference registration, accommodations, and program information are available at www.levinas-society.org/conference